Tips On How To Buy The Best Electric Knife Sharpener


Most chefs spend most of their time after every customer has left sharpening their knives, ensuring that everything is ready for the next day. This usually takes a lot of time as sharpening knives is no easy task, to get that needed angle and sharpness. With advancement in technology electric knife sharpeners came to save the day. However reality is that not every machine works the same and one needs to look at their specific characteristics in order to purchase the est. In this case here are some tips on how to buy the best electric knife sharpener.

The Angles

To eliminate all those dull edges to get to that desired sharpness, the angle in which the knives are sharpened is important. In this regard a vital tip on how to buy the best electric knife sharpener, is choosing one that has a sharpening angle of between 20º or even 15º. However the best way to chose one is by going for the models that offer adjustable option. This way giving every user the opportunity to adjust the variable angles as they see fit. It is good to note that lower quality electric sharpening manufacturers often skip to specify the sharpening, thus one should always choose only the ones that have been specified.


Electric knife sharpening can easily be compared to the traditional way of sharpening knives, as one has to ensure the right sharpness is obtained a number of times before actually getting it. In this case its obvious that an electric sharpener should offer such stages. By having different stages in sharpening of knives, the knives can be sharpened just enough without exceeding. With the first stage usually for the dull knives, the second stage comes in handy to give the right angle and smooth edges. On the other hand if the knife sharpener in question has a third stage, it can come in handy for simple touch ups before use and basically for polishing.


When searching for the best electric knife sharpener, there is nothing better than getting a knife sharpener that will offer more such as sharpening of serrated knives. Although they never dull completely and cannot be sharpened the traditional way, getting one that offers such an option will ensure one gets the best out of their knife sharpener.

Value for money

The most important tip on how to buy the best electric knife sharpener, is to get the most features for the least amount of money. By simply comparing the needs in question and the price tag, one is guaranteed on picking out the best.

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