5 Places You Should Visit in the Summer


A summer trip is an amazing experience. We live hectic lifestyles and we have to get as much as clean air as we can. If you want to fight stress properly, you have to go on a summer trip. So read on to find out excellent places to live in summer.


If you love rock climbing and mountains, you should visit Arizona. You will adore the red rock backcountry and many other amazing things that you will see here. At night your eyes will stare at the sky, and you will worship the outstanding spectacle you´ll see. What about watching a blue moon on a celestial Monday? Yes, you can do it in Arizona today. Upon seeing the amazing blanket of outstanding heavenly bodies every night at Arizona you will adore this state. Stargazers will love Sedona because of its low humidity, haze-free desert sky.

Konstanz, Germany

Konstanz is a gorgeous city in Germany. You will be able to ride around countries and around the famous Lake Constance – Germany´s largest lake. This water wonder is so beautiful that you will adore the outstanding view immediately. If you use the right biking itinerary, you will see amazing things while riding around this amazing place in Germany. Since the shoreline is dotted with magical cities and towns, your soul will be connected with your body in a new, fresh way right away. In addition, you will be able to book a hotel room in many modern, sleek hotels that you will find in this city.

Athens, Greece

The city where Aristotle and Plato lived seems to be an everlasting town. If you want to experience classical music, opera and International theaters at their best, you have to visit Greece as soon as you can. Built 1500 years ago, the famous theater of Epidaurus will amaze you with its near perfect acoustics and preserved limestone tiers. Since public transportation is awesome in Athens, you will be able to attend public festivals quickly and easily from almost anywhere in the country. You can even get discounts on bus fares on many occasions, and that´s awesome.


The country where Shakespeare was born is full of glory, power, and elegance. You will be able to see London and many other amazing cities.

Alberta, Canada

You have to visit Alberta in Canada and attend the famous events that the city hosts every single year such as music festivals and much more. Both the Street Performance Festival and the Fringe Festival are a must-have for tourists.

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